What exactly is scent load?

What exactly is scent load?

Let’s take a step back. There is some confusion in the industry about what exactly scent load is. We simply explain it as the ratio of fragrance oil to the weight of your wax. Yes, 30g is 10% of 300g, but it’s not 10% of the wax weight, which is what you need. A 10% scent load of 300g would actually be 30g of fragrance oil added to 300g of wax, making your finish product weight 330g. Adding 30g of oil to 270g of wax works out at approximately 11.11% fragrance oil - way more than the 10% scent load your wax can take! If you keep working it out this way, you’ll always overload your wax with fragrance oil.

It’s good to note what happens if your wax does become overloaded with fragrance oil. You could be experiencing other common issues without knowing it’s your oil to wax ratio causing the issue. Here’s what you should look out for:

  • The wick tends to struggle and will only achieve a small flame, or sometimes the flame will die completely.
  • A struggling wick could result in candle tunnelling or not achieve a full melt pool.
  • The candle can also have poor hot throw as there’s not enough heat being generated to allow the fragrance to release from the wax.

If you experience any of these common issues, why not try lowering your fragrance oil percentage and see if this resolves them. We recommend that candle makers use 8% fragrance oil for their candles unless it’s a really light oil. This will help keep the wick from clogging and avoid poor performance problems, like those listed above.

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